Made in USA Certified’s First Annual—Holiday Gift Giving Guide

December is “National Made in America Month” and was proclaimed as such in 1986 by our 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.  All of us at Made in USA Certified want to continue that tradition with a helpful Gift Giving Guide showcasing some of our certified clients.

We strongly encourage everyone this season to actively seek out and purchase “Made in USA” gifts this year for the Holidays.  Buy local, support our U.S. manufacturers and help to fuel our American economy!

Now, most consumers don’t know this but, there really is NO oversight or regulation on the use of the “Made in USA” claim on products.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) only investigates companies claims of “Made in USA” if there are numerous consumers complaints.  Many companies get away with falsely claiming “Made in USA” and misleading consumers for many years until they are finally caught and fined. Many consumers unknowingly purchase these products taking them at face value putting themselves and their families at risk.

Well….no more!

Made in USA Certified, is the leader in third party, independent certification of the claim “Made in USA”.  We have all ready done the research for you- so, you can have peace of mind.  We just don’t give our certification seal to just anyone that wants one, companies have to go through a very stringent application process that includes a full supply chain audit verifying Country of Origin for each component and complying with the FTC standard for making the claim.

Each one of these fine products we recommend on our Holiday Gift Giving Guide- we have done a complete supply chain audit on as well as verified the location of the manufacturing, its workers and that the company is a registered U.S. business.  Best of all, we have all the documentation to back it up.  So, you and your family can rest assured.

When you purchase one of our recommended gifts this Holiday Season- you are supporting a legitimate, American company that manufactures here in the United States, employs U.S. workers and is 100% compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) standards for the use of the “Made in USA” claim and we 100% CERTIFY that!

Purchase one or many of these suggested gift items and the gift recipient can not only receive a high quality, durable, “Made in USA” gift.  But, they can feel good that the dollars used to purchase the gift are going to fuel an American business, fuel our economy, and keep people employed.  Now THAT is a happy and joyous Holiday Season—that is a gift that truly keeps on giving and keeps our beloved Country strong!

Buying Made in U.S.A—is the ultimate in buying local and keeping things green.  When you are buying Made in U.S.A products, you are keeping our U.S. dollars here, as well as reducing harmful greenhouse emissions and most importantly keeping our neighbors in business.

Happy Shopping!

Gifts for the Ladies:

Hanky Panky out of NYC has been featured multiple times in the Wall Street Journal and has risen to fame with the ladies as being known as the “World’s Most Comfortable Thong.” And our team of staffers can attest to that claim.  Not only are Hanky Panky’s Original Lace Thongs beautiful, but, they come in a huge variety of gorgeous colors and have been proudly Made in U.S.A since 1977. Buy Here:

Bring It Up, Inc. out of California has been proudly featured in Oprah Magazine among many others. Bring It Up’s signature product is a unique breast enhancer that is a breast shaper, nipple cover, and instant breast lift all-in-one.  No closures or straps and a no stick center— Great for that Holiday Dress where you can’t wear a bra! Best of all—it is Made in U.S.A. Buy Here:

Gifts for the Men & Boys:

All American Clothing Denim Jeans are the first Jeans to provide “Jean Traceability” where you can trace the cotton from the farmer, to the mill to the sewing facilities, to your closet.  This company is Made in USA to the core of who they are and still family run and operated out of Arcanum, Ohio. Buy Here:

Gifts for the Avid Traveler, Student & The Entire Family:

Tough Traveler out of Schenectady, New York has been proudly Made in USA since 1970.  This site is filled with great gift ideas for everyone on your list.  Need new luggage for the trip to see the in-laws?  Get your high quality luggage, bags, backpacks, baby carriers and so much here at this all American company with a heart of gold!
Buy Here:

Gifts for Animal Lovers:

Kona’s Chips Dried Chicken Dog Treats are made from human grade premium 100% USDA inspected sliced chicken breasts. Produced in America, processed in America and packaged in America with pride!  Great Holiday Stocking Stuffer for the Pooch in the house.  Keep your dogs happy and healthy this Holiday Season and share the love with Kona’s Chips! Buy Here:

Wholesome Hide American Made Rawhide Dog Chews are the perfect gift for Fido this Holiday Season.  They have some special Holiday Gifts just for the pooches- but, their best seller is the 24-inch rawhide candy cane that also comes in a 10-inch and 4 –inch rawhide wreath.  Woof! Buy Here:

Creative Bird Toys offers some of the most creative bird toys on the market and are all handmade with love in the U.S.A.  Great stocking stuffer for the tweeter in the house!
Buy Here:

Gifts for the Outdoors person or Athlete:

Belly Timber Survival Bars out of Bellingham, Washington delivers an organic whole food wheat and dairy free energy bar with nutrient-dense premium ingredients- resulting in an energy bar similar to Cliff but without all the supplements. A true “green” company, Made in USA Certified, and the fans range from soccer kids to extreme athletes. Buy Here:

Gifts for the American Patriot:

Old Glory Soldiers out of Fort Bragg/ Fayetteville, North Carolina has prided themselves in producing Made In The USA products since 2002.  They have built a business that has afforded their family the opportunity to move when the Army calls them to a new assignment. Buy Here:

Gifts for the Auto Enthusiast:

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Car Care is a collection of world class car care products,  including their benchmark car wax, Pinnacle Souveran Carnauba Paste Wax.  Pinnacle Natural Brilliance line of car care products are all proudly Made in USA and make a great stocking stuffer or gift under the tree for that car enthusiast on your list.
Buy Here:

Stocking Stuffers:

Alliance Rubber is always on a relentless, obsessive quest for the perfect rubber band.  Founded in Alliance, Ohio in 1923 and still family run and operated- Alliance Rubber is best known for having 2,100 sku’s of rubber bands to help you organize your life and home.
Buy Here:

Water Jel is the leader in consumer products for burn care and everyone should have a Water Jel Burn Kit handy in their home for those unexpected emergencies.  I was thankful to have my Burn Care Kit handy when my toddler accidently touched a cookie tray out of the oven and burned himself.  Moms & Dads, grandmoms & grandfathers—can all feel good about using this product Made in USA and Certified by us! Buy Here:

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