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Celebrate American Made!

I have to share with all of you this great service we found called – Celebrate American Made!  We just got our 1st box in the mail and this is a great holiday gift idea or for any occasion all year long.  This month was a box filled with delicious and fun items from the […]

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Made in USA Pomegranate Martini (Video)

This is my best friend, Candace’s signature drink and I have to say I always look forward to her parties because of this delicious cocktail.  Turns out, Candace and I are in good company as Oprah Winfrey herself says a Pomegranate Martini is one of her all-time favorites.  I think it must be those healthy antioxidants in […]

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate Toddy – Made in USA (video)

Ok, so we have to admit, when Starbucks comes out with their peppermint mocha coffee delicacies- we can’t wait, and every season we look forward to these tasty treats.  Now take the same mocha chocolate peppermint taste and turn it into a delicious holiday cocktail you can serve at home (sans the caffeine)– and Made […]

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Made in USA Mimosa (video)

Get ready to laugh and have some fun like only girlfriends can!  Julie Reiser, co-founder of Made in USA Certified and Candace Rojas show how easy and fun it is to make this signature Made in USA Mimosa. This delicious cocktail is great for a Holiday Brunch or to serve to the sleepy eyed adults […]

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The Five Best Made in USA Cocktails to Serve During the Holidays

Every Holiday party needs a cool signature drink and there is nothing cooler than a Made in USA Cocktail to show your guests your festive, patriotic side.  So, our Made in USA Certified® team has voted and these are our top five favorites for this Holiday Season. 1)  Made in USA Mimosa’s This delicious cocktail is […]

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Holiday Survival Guide

Incorporate these thoughts in your life as your survival guide through the holidays……  1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day & while you walk, SMILE. It is the ultimate antidepressant.2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day and no ill thoughts of your relatives are allowed.3. When you wake up in […]

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Celebrate National Made in America Month this December

Importance of Buying American highlighted in Reagan’s Proclamation dating back to 1985 December by far is the most important month for retailers in the entire year and it has never ceased to amaze me that  President Ronald Reagan back in 1985 proclaimed December as ‘National Made in America Month’.  Every year I take this time […]

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Made in USA Claims – How Your Company Can Avoid a “Yankee Doodle Don’t”!

Does a product that proudly touts a “Made in USA” label or claim influence consumers purchasing decisions?  The answer is a resounding “yes”!   According to a recent research study done by the Boston Consulting Group, more than 80% of U.S. consumers (and over 60% of Chinese consumers) say they are willing to pay more for […]

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Free Webinar: Building Business & Building Trust with a “Made in USA” Claim

Join me tomorrow, November 13th at noon EST for a free webinar:  Building Business & Building Trust with a “Made in USA” Claim. Registration is still open.   To join from your computer or mobile device, click this link or copy it into your browser: http://fuze.me/21972307 To join the audio, choose one of two methods: […]

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Fenestration Day Speakers Promote “Made in the USA”

Mark and I had a great time at the DWM Magazine Fenestration Day in Chicago, IL , last week.  Here is a great re-cap of our seminar by DWM Magazine posted today. _______________________________ Mark Davis and Julie Reiser informed attendees of the true meaning of “Made in the USA.” Fenestration Day ended Friday with a […]

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