Made in USA Mimosa (video)

Get ready to laugh and have some fun like only girlfriends can!  Julie Reiser, co-founder of Made in USA Certified and Candace Rojas show how easy and fun it is to make this signature Made in USA Mimosa. This delicious cocktail is great for a Holiday Brunch or to serve to the sleepy eyed adults […]

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Believe in Yourself and Never, Ever- Give Up!

Our lives are filled with so many different journeys and learning experiences it is hard to talk about how only (1) has impacted our lives. All the roads have led us to this moment in time and shaped us.  But,  when I think about our business and the journey of Made in USA- and our […]

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Made in USA Positively Influences Consumer Purchases

We (at Made in USA Certified) are always searching for surveys and polls—that show that making the claim “Made in USA” positively influences buyers and we recently found another one—courtesy of Harris Poll’s.  This recent survey asserts that there is a definite sense of national pride when advertising emphasizes a product as “Made in America”, […]

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The Made in USA Movement

So, here we go………………… very first Blog post. Today I am going to write about a movement- The Made in USA Movement.  I spend a great deal of my time talking to owners and CEO’s of manufacturing companies here in the U.S.A.  Most all of them have a deep, patriotic, passionate feeling about what their […]

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