Made in U.S.A. – America’s Call to Action

Americans need to actively and consciously support U.S. manufacturers and demand that the big box retailers and small mom and pops carry more ‘Made in America’ goods. In the last several weeks there have been a series of dismal events that have led up to the Presidents much anticipated Jobs Speech. First there was the […]

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‘Buy American’ gets new emphasis

By Wayne T. Price, Florida Today Roger Simmermaker walks the walk when it comes to buying U.S.-made products, and that walk often is made in New Balance shoes. New Balance is one of the few American manufacturers of athletic shoes, so it only makes sense that Simmermaker, 46, author of “How Americans Can Buy American,” wears that […]

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WTO Ruling Against Country of Origin Labeling Threatens U.S. Sovereignty

By: Julie Reiser Recently, we as a country celebrated our independence and pride in our American history.  Every year like clockwork in town’s big and small all across this great land, we as a people come together, united in celebrating our Nations birthday.  This year as families celebrated by the pool, with barbequing and fireworks- […]

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